I-10/Cherry Avenue Interchange Project

I-10/Cherry Avenue Interchange Project

I-10/Cherry Interchange Improvement Project

DCIM100GOPROFalcon Engineering Services is providing full Construction Management services and field personnel to the San Bernardino Associated Government (SANBAG) on the I-10/Citrus Interchange- $55.3 and I-10/Cherry Interchange- $49.7M Improvement Projects.
Both I-10/Citrus and Cherry Interchange improvements involve the construction of new ramps, loop on ramps, realignment and widening of existing ramps, realignment of existing channels, multi-cell box culverts, trapezoidal and rectangular channels, signalized intersections, local street improvements, Construction of elaborate Retaining Wall/MSE wall systems to support new ramp alignments/widening with unique architectural features and themes. Work will also include relocation of numerous utilities (Edison OH & Underground, water, communication, gas, storm drains and sewer).

Construction includes CIP Box girder bridges (OC), PCPS girder bridges (OH), Driven Piles, CIDH Piles, MSE Walls, Retaining Walls, Massive Shoring- Stage Construction, Unique Architectural Features, UPRR Coordination, Numerous Utility Relocation, AC/PCC/JPCP Paving, Stage Construction (Multiple Stages), Accelerated Schedule (9-Months), Elaborate SWPPP plan & monitoring, PR-Businesses and residents, Coordination with CT/ agencies.

Technical Features:

  • Railroad Bridge over UPRR.
  • CIP Box Girder Bridges (OC).
  • Driven Piles & CIDH Piles. 
  • MSE Walls, Retaining Walls with unique architectural features.
  • Massive Shoring- Stage Construction.
  • Railroad Coordination.
  • Numerous Utility Relocation.
  • Stage Construction (Multiple Stages).
  • Accelerated Schedule.
  • Elaborate SWPP plan & monitoring.
  • PR-Businesses and residents.
  • Coordination with multiple agencies (City, County, CT-Local Assistance Program).



Construction Cost: