Magnolia Avenue Grade Separation

Magnolia Avenue Grade Separation

Magnolia Avenue Grade Separation, County of Riverside (RCTD)

Magnolia grade separationFalcon Engineering Services is providing full Construction Management and inspection for Magnolia Grade Separation. Proposed improvements include the construction of railroad grade separation at the BNSF and Magnolia Avenue at Grade crossing with a new four lane overhead structure (bridge) over existing BNSF tracks. Bridge approaches are supported by Retaining Walls/MSE Walls systems on both ends, multiple walls systems for pedestrian and vehicular support. Construction of temporary MSE walls, shoring, casing support system to facilitate construction of 13ft. Dia CIDH piles and stage construction on both approaches.

Technical Features:

  • Grade Separation over Railroad.
  • 13 ft. Dia CIDH Piles. 
  • MSE Walls.
  • Drainage Systems Improvement.
  • Utility Relocation/Coordination.
  • Roadway widening, local improvement (AC-PCC pavement, Curb & Gutter, sidewalk, signals & street lighting).
  • Multi Agency Coordination.



Construction Cost: