River Road Bridge

River Road Bridge

River Road Bridge Replacement Project

DCIM100GOPROFALCON Engineering Services Inc. is currently providing Construction Management services for the Riverside County Transportation Department’s River Road Bridge Replacement Project.

Project involves construction of a new bridge, demolition of existing bridge and new approach roadways in, over, and around the Santa Ana River. The new bridge will be ~20 feet higher than the existing bridge and will provide an all season crossing. The new bridge will be 1200 feet long by 78 feet wide cast-in-place pre-stressed concrete (CIP-PS) Box Girder superstructure supported by pier walls on driven steel piles. Abutments will be supported by 5 feet diameter x90 feet deep cast-in-drilled holes (CIDH) piles.

The project also includes relocation of EDISON overhead Transmission & Distribution power lines and fiber optic lines for the entire length of the project, construction of 30-inch sewer force main and 3×20-inch water lines, other Time Warner & AT&T lines.

The River Road Bridge Replacement Project is located in an environmentally sensitive area. FALCON Team is proactively managing the environmental compliance process to significantly reduce the impacts to the schedule.

FALCON team is effectively managing key issues including Schedule Control, Environmental Compliance, Communication, Cost Control, Contract Change Orders and Quality to ensure that the project is successfully completed within time and budget.

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Project Details:

  • Original contract duration: 30 Months. This duration was reduced to 24-Months as a result of our constructability review of the completed design. This yielded significant savings to all stake holders including County, water districts, and utility companies, regulatory & environmental permitting agencies. Also less potential exposure for working on the Santa Ana River bed.
  • Final contract duration & explanation of variance: We experienced 2 Months schedule delay associated with 30″ Sewer force main & other utility relocations that were in conflict with the contract plans. We recovered majority of this delay duration through extended work hours and accelerating critical activities. Our CM staff expedited review of submittals, shop drawings, and closer coordination with various utility agencies and assisted with coordination with US Corps of Engineer, CDFG and RWQCB for work within the river bed.
  • Original contract budget: $36.5M
  • Changes to final contract total cost & explanation of variance: So far we have an additional $1.10M in Extra Work due to changes in field conditions associated with a third party utility conflicts “30″ sewer pipe relocation” that caused significant delays to bridge staging where traffic should be switched to completed stage-1 bridge prior to relocating sewer force main. We conducted a temporary relocation of the existing 30″ sewer force main to facilitate completing stage-1 bridge and then completed the permanent relocation of the force main through the new bridge. We since were able to recover significant time via expediting work (longer work shifts, acceleration, expediting re-submittal review process, and planning ahead jointly with the contractor as one team “Partnering”. Since December, we have experienced delays associated with the latest rain and flooding Santa Ana River. Other Extra Work other than utilities is Major issues/problems & how they were resolved: 1- 30″ Sewer Force main conflict. Existing pipe was encountered ~35′ west of where shown on the plan, our CM staff closely coordinated expediting the intermediate relocation of 30″ sewer pipe to facilitate completion of Stage-1 Bridge. Work was completed expeditiously and majority of the delays were recovered through accelerating critical bridge activities. 2- Delays associated with rain & flooding during last year’s winter season causing sections of the temporary MSE wall to partially settle causing distortion. County and our CM staff worked closely with the contractor, designer, and local businesses/residence and shut down the River Road for ~10 days until repair work to the MSE wall is completed. This was a significant safety issue that was addressed immediately to protect general public. 3-Delays associated with last year’s rain and flooding and early this year’s rainy season. The County approved contractor’s request for shutting down newly constructed bridge to be used a construction staging area in lieu of river bed should the river floods again. County directed the contractor to provide an emergency closure with proper signage and CMS messages at all access roads. CM staff and its Public Relations SC conducted a public awareness campaign and advertising these closures and providing progress update to local cities, emergency services and general public.
  • Current status: Completed.

Similar Features:

  • CIP-PS structures in two stages with closure pour maintaining traffic on Stage-1 Bridge while demolishing the existing bridge.
  • Temporary shoring systems, temporary MSE walls along stage-1 River road alignment
  • Temporary diversion of river water/drainage systems while constructing pier walls & Falsework.
  • 3x 20″ Water pipes and a 30″ sewer Force main through the new bridge.
  • Environmentally sensitive area, handling temporary flow in the river.
  • AC/PCC –JPCP on local streets. Rock slope protections along the full River Road alignment.
  • Signalized intersections, street lights, bridge lights.
  • Relocating /reconstructing reinforced Concrete Box Culverts for Drainage and horse trails.
  • Type-1 Retaining Walls, MSE walls, concrete barriers, sidewalk, and horse trail.
  • Extensive public relations campaign, press releases, mailers, meeting with residents & businesses. Coordination with City’s of Norco, and County emergency services.


Contract Value:


Construction Cost:

$38M Project