SR-215/74 Interchange

SR-215/74 Interchange

SR-215/74 Interchange Improvement Project

project61The SR-215/74 Interchange Improvement Project includes the construction of a new overcrossing structure to replace the existing structure, realignment and reconstruction of ramps, reconfiguration of the Fourth street/Redlands Ave intersection, widening of Fourth street (Route 74) between G street and Redlands Ave, widening of Redlands Ave between the SR 215 and San Jacinto Ave, provide ramp metering and HOV preferential lane on the entrance ramps.


Project Details:

  • Original contract duration: 24 Months
  • Final contract duration & explanation of variance: In progress
  • Original contract budget: $13.5M
  • Changes to final contract total cost & explanation of variance: (Contract is in progress)
  • Major issues/problems & how they were resolved: Encountering rocks/manmade buried objects obstructing construction of last two CIDH piles (2.0′ dia). Reviewing other options with the designer to shift both piles away from the obstruction area and maintain same design demand criteria.


Completed, No Claims, within Budget and On Time.

Construction Cost: