SR-91/Van Buren Boulevard

SR-91/Van Buren Boulevard

SR-91/Van Buren Boulevard Interchange Improvement

DCIM100GOPROThe SR-91/Van Buren Boulevard Interchange Project involves replacement of the existing overcrossing bridge with a 61-meter-long, 46-meter-wide, and 2-span cast-in-place pre-stressed concrete box Girder Bridge. The bridge is constructed in two stages with a closure pour; superstructure supported by abutments and columns on spread footings, construction of ramps including a new eastbound entrance ramp, the existing eastbound entrance ramp and westbound entrance and exit ramps.

The project also includes construction of various retaining walls; construction, relocation and coordination of various utilities along the new alignment, including utilities passing through the bridge’s superstructure cells, installation of traffic signals at all intersections, ramp metering, streetlight, and communication lines, construction of drainage systems along the new alignment, curb and gutter, sidewalks, metal beam guard rails, slope protection, and landscaping.

Check out this link for more information and videos: Van Buren 

Technical Features:

  • Bridge Replacement of Van Bren Overcrossing, CIP-PS box girder supported on spread footings, constructed in two stages with closure pour.
  • Ramp improvement and construction of new eastbound loop on-ramp.
  • Construction of 12- Retaining walls, Sound walls along Freeway main lines, ramps and along residential properties with unique architectural features.
  • Massive shoring systems (soldier piles and Tie-backs) close to private properties and freeway traffic.
  • Stage construction, extended weekend closures, ramp closures for final tie-in to newly constructed bridge.
  • Relocation of 16″ water pipes, overhead power lines, AT&T, Time Warner, Fiber optic, irrigation lines, and street light through newly constructed bridge.
  • Intense public relations and public outreach by the City of Riverside with all residents, businesses, and traveling public through weekly e-mail list, public s releases of main events/closures.
  • Bridge Replacement/ Stage Cosntruction/clsoure pour, FW over Freeway.
  • Accelerated schedule/ reduction by 8Months.
  • AC/JPCP, ramp termini
  • CT Oversight, Federal Funding, METS source inspection


Completed September 2011

Construction Cost:


FALCON provided On-Call Inspecting Services assisting the City’s Resident Engineer/PM.