Construction Engineering Services On-Call Basis, Riverside County, CA

Client/Owner: County of Riverside Transportation Dept. (RCTD)
Start/Completion Date: 12/2013-12/2018
Construction Cost: Various Amounts

FALCON Engineering Services (FALCON) is providing construction management and inspection services for the County of Riverside on an on-call basis for bridges, roadway, and roadway related facilities. The work includes construction management services, source inspection services by Greenbook, Caltrans Standards, and Manuals, LAPM and projects specific quality management plan. The project personnel provides detail diaries with inspection performed, relevant conversation, a situation encountered, time spent on each work order, etc. and maintain a photo log for each project.

SR-79 Widening: FALCON provided Construction Inspection for the SR-79 Widening project to relieve congestion, improve safety, and provide consistency with other improvements along SR-79. The SR-79 Widening widens a 5.4-mile segment of SR-79 from two to four lanes between Thompson and Domenigoni Parkway, modify local access, and improve various intersections. Construction performed in two stages, each taking an estimated 12 months to complete.

(Completed) 3/2014- 9/2015

Clinton Keith Extension, RCTD: FALCON provided Construction Management support services, plan review, and bidability. The improvements include approx. 2 miles of new roadway from Whitewater Road to Leon Road, construction of a new bridge over Warm Water Creek, new wildlife overcrossing bridge, and a retaining wall system east of Warm Spring Creek. The project included the installation of a new traffic signal at the intersections, modification of existing traffic signals, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, driveways, sidewalk, bus pads, curb ramps, concrete barrier, roadside signs, fence, thermoplastic markings, and striping. FALCON Team and Structures Representative performed a thorough Constructability Review and made specific recommendations to the County. This resulted in revising minor staging, quantity bid items, and re-evaluating the soil report recommendations concerning the roadway excavation to include pavement for soft/rock excavation by identifying the rock level and determination of types of hard rock vs. decomposed granite. During the early stages of bridge construction and CIDH piling operation, FALCON encountered higher rock formation than what was shown on the boreholes’ logs. FALCON Structures Representatives immediately communicated this issue with the County, designer, and the geotechnical engineer was able to have the designer re-evaluate the CIDH pile depth at both abutments and bents this eliminating significant potential delay and a considerable cost for idle equipment saving the County potential ~$10,000/day claims.

(Completed) 5/2016-7/2018