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SR-60 Truck Climbing Lanes Project

Despite the difficulties that we are facing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. FALCON team is working day and night to get SR-60 Truck Climbing Lanes Proje...

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Moreno Valley On-Call

FALCON would like to proudly announce we won Moreno Valley On- Call ! We cant wait for the great things that lie ahead....

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Nason St. Bridge Demolition

Built in the 1950’s, the original Nason St. Overcrossing Bridge had gained fame throughout not only the city, but on the internet as well as being h...

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Semi-Annual AAAEA Socal Event

The AAEA Semi-Annual Networking Dinner on Saturday, May 11th, was fun and exciting for all. Wael and Maha Faqih both received awards for the amazing c...