Bridge Replacements at Dola Ditch and Lanzit Ditch, San Bernardino County, CA

Client/Owner: County of San Bernardino
Start/Completion Date: 12/2016-4/2018
Construction Cost: $241,472.38

FALCON Engineering Services, Inc. (FALCON) provided construction management services for San Bernardino County. The site is located along National Trails Highway in the Ludlow area of San Bernardino County, California. This project proposed to replace two bridges at on National Trails Highway at Dola Ditch and Lanzit Ditch, in the Amboy area located in San Bernardino County. The project entailed removing the existing timber trestle bridges and replaces them with new, prefabricated timber trestle bridges that meet current traffic loading and safety requirements. The construction project included bridge construction, roadway improvements, rock slope protection, guardrail installation, paved bridge approach, utility improvements and traffic signal and other electrical improvements.