Truck Climbing Lanes Project SR-60

Client/Owner: Riverside County Transportation Commission
Start/Completion Date: 1/16/2019-12/1/2021
Construction Cost: $96 M

  • Making the Grade, Literally, Award the exceptional concrete work! Has been recognized by the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association.
  • Goods Movement Project of the Year Award. It has been recognized by ctf California transportation foundation.
  • CMMA 2023 Project Achievement Awards

FALCON Engineering Services (FALCON) provided construction management services for the successful completion of the “Truck Lane project” on the State Route 60 between The City of Moreno Valley and The City of Beaumont, Riverside County. The project involved adding additional lanes and shoulders in both the eastbound and westbound directions, widening a 4.5-mile section of State Route 60 between Gilman Springs Road and 1.4 miles west of Jack Rabbit Trail. The primary objectives of this undertaking were to enhance safety, improve efficiency, and alleviate traffic congestion for commuters, goods movement, and travelers heading to desert resorts.

The completed project features an added eastbound truck climbing lane and a constructed westbound truck descending lane. To ensure motorist safety and visibility, the project also included the flattening of roadway curves. Furthermore, a total of 23 wildlife crossings were established, along with the installation of wildlife fencing, contributing to the preservation of the natural habitat in the area. The successful implementation of these improvements promises to benefit the community and the region’s transportation infrastructure for years to come.